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My name is Regina Grant and I a graduate student of Full Sail University studying Educational Media Design Master of Science Degree. I have done a lot of things from joining the Army to being a Health Unit Clerk. Now I’m learning how to use technology to help me when I do have a classroom or therapy office.

In the past I’ve worked in a museum as  a sales associate and worked in a psychiatric hospital. I still have a passion for fashion and art. Someone once told me to put everything in one job. I believe that I can do that in a art classroom or a therapy  session.

I’m obsessed with passion for fashion and art. When I grow up I want to empower the youth for a brighter tomorrow.

This site is a personal website, which is a platform for all my artwork, and guest posts.

You can hire me to do whatever your heart desires.

People  or show I’m ridiculously inspired by Greys Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, Whitney Houston, April Greiman, Bones, and Rizzoli and Isles, and Jane by Design.


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